I’m Moving!!


I am SO excited to announce that I have a new and improved site for my blog! The name will stay the same, you’ll just search for it a little differently.

You can find it under: http://www.rhondamuse.com

Please bookmark the site and I’ll see you over there! I still have a few kinks to work out like the subscription form and as soon as I get it working I’ll ask you to sign up so you get notified when I post!


Philosophical in Love

the feeling of home no matter where you are

the shoulder I cry on when I’ve had a bad day

the us & we in all our decisions

the joint in our finances

the hand I hold to steady my world

the ache in my heart when he’s hurting

the flip-flop in my stomach when I catch his eye

the purest expression of love~our kids

the bright lights and starry skies of every love song

the ending to the start of my sentences

the forever of our wedding vows

the continuum of the rings we wear

the promise of together for every tomorrow

the power of forgiveness in every failure

Be in love, stay in love, I am in love.


BOLD…I click on the first button I see. That’s what I want~ to be bold.

This space is for me. A place to let my hair down and be real. No fake smiles, no cherry lip gloss to sugar coat my world. No hair perfectly curled nor grey hidden behind a mastery of color.

Just real. Just me. Just creative.

Are you afraid of what you will see? I am. Terrified. Excited. Exhilarated. Crazy.