Why I Think You’re Beautiful

I have been meaning to tell you this for a long time. Seriously.

Why did it take so long to get written? I guess I was struggling with the honesty of it…is it too raw?  Maybe.

The crazy thing is that I haven’t been able to get it out of my head so I figured it was a sign, minus the booming voice from above, flashes of lightning and angelic song. Just a small, soft nudge in my gut that I needed to tell you why I think you’re beautiful.

The longer I tread this earth with my un-pedicured toes the more I value friendship. When I look back over the course of life I realize there are seasons of friendship. I smile thinking of those who ran along railroad tracks with me as we searched for a swimming hole, those who climbed trees with me and scaled to the rooftops of school buildings.

Those who taught me how to dance and dream.

Those who climbed mountains with me and raised children alongside my own. Those who are finding their way as empty-nesters just like us. Those who helped me navigate the often treacherous waters of the working world.

It is to each of you that I write this: You are loved.

You are unique…not in some weird miss-matched, un-kept way…more like a gem. Beautiful. Brilliant. Rare. I find myself staring at you and thinking deep thoughts about grace and purpose, forgiveness. Healing.

You know I love you, right? From the moment we met your light has warmed my heart. Your gifting’s have graced my life and I am fuller, richer for it.

Yet sometimes you ache over the lack in your life, the unfairness of it all. How your contribution to the world has gone unnoticed and unappreciated.

Don’t you see? You HAVE changed the world – you’ve changed me! Each raindrop of you that has soaked into my skin has nourished me in some way, encouraging me to be strong.

Your beauty shines. I was drawn to your passionate heart immediately. Strength was in your resolve, a willingness to bare your soul and yet afraid of rejection…common heartbeats between us. Camaraderie, friendship, validation.

You think that hardship has stolen your light. It feels like the ugly, rotten things have won. I am here to tell you that is a lie! Every day that you get up and decide to LIVE has created a depth of beauty no plastic surgeon could ever duplicate.

The impact of your life is powerful. It doesn’t come from dressing in monochromatic colors to hide the few pounds you hate. It doesn’t come from carefully applied make-up to shield the world from the pain underneath. Advertisers are wrong! The power of your life is in being YOU. How can it come from a boob job or lypo?

Beauty is in your voice. Not the timbre or tone but in the sweetness of trials, loss, love, joy that have been etched into your story. I thank you for sharing it with me.



The Mind, Unhinged

I had flown in like a proverbial witch on a broomstick. Disheveled, out of breath, jacket buttons done up wrong, purse strap falling down my shoulder which I yanked off before it could hit the ground. Mad that my personal “maintenance” was becoming more complicated instead of easier at this point in my life. Not that I minded it so much…just not today.

“Do you have time?” I pleaded with the lady.

“Sure” she said. “Just give me a second to get set up.”

I sat. My breath coming in short, stiff puffs of agitated exhalation. I had a million things to do and my mental list kept getting longer instead of shorter. At least if I could stop in ONE place and get everything done that would be helpful…instead, every errand meant another stop, another parking spot, another discussion.

And now~ here~ not super high on the “earth shattering” list, but important none-the-less so that I wouldn’t go through the next couple weeks looking like a cave man’s other half.

“You look stunning…” I jerked my head around absolutely sure it was not in reference to me. Across the room she sat. The hairdresser had added the finishing touches to her beautiful up-do. My mind raced through the possibilities…grad? No, a little too old for that. Wedding practice run? Definite maybe. Yah, that had to be it. Check, figured that out, on to the other items on my list that needed mental sorting, piling and boxing up so I could move on.

“Ok ready now.” My lady sat me in her chair and asked me scoot as far forward as possible and lean back so my neck was arched against the back rest. Ouch…oh the pain and misery I had to endure to get my eyebrows threaded. The sound was like scissors madly slicing anything in their path or knives being sharpened. Eyebrow hair flying in all directions suddenly made me smile thinking of the cookie monster and all the crumbs as he ate.

The doorbell rang as the beautiful lady left the shop.  Her hairdresser was immediately the centre of attention, questions were flung around about why, who, what…where. And then the answer. Dressing up for a special party, boyfriend cancer free for 5 years after having had it twice. Making sure to commemorate his fight and his win.

How quickly can an internal run-away train come to a screeching halt? Pretty quickly. My mind stopped spinning with the mile-long list, all of the unimportant details drifted quietly away. I felt free…unhinged from all the stuff.

I left the shop, buttons done up properly, walking slower, savoring the scent of fresh spring in the air. This year was going to be special I decided.

See the beauty ~ respect the life ~ celebrate the moments