Wisdom 101: How to Ace Your Life

I haven’t always made the best choices.

~ the faint, heart shaped scar cut into my arm is proof of that

~ the school picture with bangs about 1/2″ long attests to that

~ the insurance premium after I cut across 4 lanes of Vancouver traffic was pretty black & white

~ letting my middle finger do the talking while leaving a Bible School campus after being cut-off by another driver…yah, not a shining moment

Of course there are many other stories. One’s I would never repeat. One’s I wish I could wipe away like all the tears I’ve cried over them. One’s that hurt so bad the ache seems to stiffen my resolve never to be foolish again

~ and then I say an unkind word

~ judge another only by what I can see

~ forget to be thankful

~ decide that my needs are more important than anyone elses

The decisions I make based on those things always lead to heartache and pain and for heavens sake at this point in my life I want peace not pain!!

Here are a few tried and tested benchmarks for making SUPER wise choices in life. Popular thought will not agree because right now the 1st world mantra is to make sure you are happy at all costs, regardless of others.

Ok so a little disclaimer…you might not like what I’m going to say. Please sign off now before you hurt yourself (aneurism) or me (punching my lights out). Thanks and hopefully we’ll see you again soon when I make another unwise choice and decide to make everyone happy rather than tell the truth on this blog!

Wisdom 101:

Wise choices are marked by PURE MOTIVES

Wise choices look for ways to PROMOTE PEACE



Wise choices grant FORGIVENESS

Wise choices make sure that OTHERS ARE TREATED WELL

Wise choices are IMPARTIAL & SINCERE

I guess the only thing missing from that list is little old me. What about my needs, my right to get all the things I want? Foolishness screams that I am the only important one in the equation, wisdom whispers to put my finger down.


It’s Time to Quit

I sat in kitchen and wept. Hot tears coursed down my cheeks, splat, splat, splat as they hit the deep brown wood of the tabletop. I was wasted, exhausted, used up and feeling deeply unappreciated.


It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Hadn’t I worked hard? Hadn’t I thrown myself into ensuring success for everyone concerned? Wasn’t I going “above and beyond” the call of duty? Hadn’t I stepped up when no one else wanted to? Hadn’t anyone noticed??


Poor, poor pitiful me. I decided to quit. Stop trying so hard to do the right thing. Stop showing up. Stop feeling like I needed to be the hero. Let someone else do it, I reasoned with myself. Walk away. Let this be a lesson to you. It’s just not worth it.


I seemed to have bought in to our cultural standard that declares unless someone notices the job you did, the hours you put in, the sacrifice you made, you will never get ahead. Unless your name is in lights and people are moving out of your way to let you pass, you haven’t “made it”. Me. Me. Me.


But what does faith say? It says…shhh. Do your work quietly and without being broadcast. Be still so that you can hear God say…hey, I see what you did! I love that you made someone else’s life-journey easier. I will make sure that what you’ve done has far-reaching impact so that more people hear the message of how much I love them!


Our ego’s are often thinly disguised by acts of charity…how can you tell? If you get upset when no one noticed what you did and how hard you worked. So what is a true act of charity?


True charity is this, that we love our neighbors and love God with heart, soul, strength and mind. That we see a need and fill it without judgement, without pride, without hoopla, without calculating personal benefit. That we actually don’t think about ourselves at all, but are so moved by compassion for another’s situation that it drives us, compels us to action.


So, yah. I quit. I’m done with seeking praise and acknowledgement from people. I want God’s approval and that means I need to do things radically different than this culture is telling me it has to be done. No social-media campaign to advertise what I’ve accomplished. Instead, a life that shouts out my love for God in the quietest of ways, in the softest of voices, in stillness of peace. 


I’d like to discover what a quiet life is. Care to join me?