Wisdom 101: How to Ace Your Life

I haven’t always made the best choices.

~ the faint, heart shaped scar cut into my arm is proof of that

~ the school picture with bangs about 1/2″ long attests to that

~ the insurance premium after I cut across 4 lanes of Vancouver traffic was pretty black & white

~ letting my middle finger do the talking while leaving a Bible School campus after being cut-off by another driver…yah, not a shining moment

Of course there are many other stories. One’s I would never repeat. One’s I wish I could wipe away like all the tears I’ve cried over them. One’s that hurt so bad the ache seems to stiffen my resolve never to be foolish again

~ and then I say an unkind word

~ judge another only by what I can see

~ forget to be thankful

~ decide that my needs are more important than anyone elses

The decisions I make based on those things always lead to heartache and pain and for heavens sake at this point in my life I want peace not pain!!

Here are a few tried and tested benchmarks for making SUPER wise choices in life. Popular thought will not agree because right now the 1st world mantra is to make sure you are happy at all costs, regardless of others.

Ok so a little disclaimer…you might not like what I’m going to say. Please sign off now before you hurt yourself (aneurism) or me (punching my lights out). Thanks and hopefully we’ll see you again soon when I make another unwise choice and decide to make everyone happy rather than tell the truth on this blog!

Wisdom 101:

Wise choices are marked by PURE MOTIVES

Wise choices look for ways to PROMOTE PEACE



Wise choices grant FORGIVENESS

Wise choices make sure that OTHERS ARE TREATED WELL

Wise choices are IMPARTIAL & SINCERE

I guess the only thing missing from that list is little old me. What about my needs, my right to get all the things I want? Foolishness screams that I am the only important one in the equation, wisdom whispers to put my finger down.


Finding the Courage to Finish

Ladies, can I let you in on a secret? On January 1st I made New Year’s Resolutions for the first time since 2013…probably because I had some big ambitions back then and fell off the bandwagon early on. Probably after I went through my unmentionables drawer actually www.fearlesstheanthology.blogspot.ca

I’ve always loved new beginnings and fresh starts. There’s something exhilarating about a clean slate. The do-over erases mistakes I’ve made in the past and gives me another chance.

The thing with resolutions is, if we haven’t committed to life change our lists mean nothing.

Why talk about this right now? In March?? Because of a pang, a big one. A regret that has made me sad for a long time. It was something I was pursuing years ago. But then I quit.

I wanted to learn Spanish. One day I met a wonderful lady from Argentina who taught Spanish and so I started taking lessons. The beauty of the language captivated my romantic heart and I threw myself into memorizing words, conjugating verbs and stringing sentences together like crazy. I was a Spanish~ learning machine!

I was so pumped that a life-long dream was being fulfilled! I was so excited that I quit. Threw in the towel.


A thought started niggling at me…a tiny little thing really. But the more I fed that thought the bigger it became until it swallowed my dream whole.

“There isn’t anyone to practice speaking with. You’re going to spend all this time learning a language that you’ll forget in a couple of months! What an incredible waste of time!”

I hate the self-defeating trash talk that echoes in my head when I don’t finish something. The voice of ridicule seems to shout LOUDLY “you are such a failure”! Have you ever been so sick of the negative voices in your own head that you told yourself to shut-up?!?

No te rindas


I get that in life there are some things you need to bring to a grinding halt. Poor decisions leading you away from truth and light need to stop. But if we’re honest with ourselves ladies there are things we should have stuck out. Struggled our way through. Seen to the end. But we quit.

Perseverance is the KEY to finishing

Persevere in prayer to be filled with peace

Persevere in forgiveness to be set free

Persevere in commitment and you’ll build lasting relationships

Persevere through pain and you will find joy

Persevere in training and you will be able to compete

Persevere through hardship and you will have strengthened your faith

Persevere through uncertainty and you will find yourself courageous

Persevere in the midst of defeat and you will come out in victory

Persevere while surrounded by shadows and you find the light

No te rindas~ don’t give up! Push through the tough spots so you can savour the victory on the other side.

My list for 2015? Simple but sincere…

  1. Kiss hubs 1 time everyday 🙂  (at least)
  2. Read 1 book
  3. Finish 1 project
  4. Clean out 1 guest room completely
  5. Get dirty 1 time doing something crazy and fun
  6. Connect with 1 person that I haven’t been able to in the past
  7. Develop 1 good habit
  8. Call Grandma 1 time a month
  9. Go to the doctor for an annual (1) check-up
  10. Learn 1 new thing, study a subject that interests me…maybe I’ll go back to my Spanish lessons